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  1. the white boys are hot but what about the men of flavor and color?

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  3. Hi,

    Hope you’re doing well, and you’re maintaining total isolation during the global pandemic and mass protests.

    My name is Dale,

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    I’m emailing you because I saw a blog category on your website related to my job and my experience.

    So, I wanted to ask personally, do you accept guest posts on your websites from niche experts?

    If you pushed me to describe my role, it would be a “really useful car guy”. But here are some specifics, in descending order.

    – Running the biggest unofficial Nürburgring fansite and community in the world.

    – Writing features, road tests, and news stories for some of the biggest publishers in the automotive field.

    – Racing and pro-driving, at the Nürburgring Nordschleife and around the world.

    And wanted to see if you’d be interested in a small collaboration

    Looking forward to working with you, thanks again, and have a great day.



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