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25 Days of Christmas – Day 9

Continuing 25 days of interesting gifts…

I’m very intrigued by the Fort Troff FT Robo Rimmer 6.5.

The FT Robo Rimmer buzzes, rotates, and revvs in your hole. Engineered this plug to be a rim job on STEROIDS. Start with a deep, throbbing vibe. Then when SIR to decides it’s time to test the spin action, the plug gently rotates in your ass…like a DEEP, mechanical tongue. Start slow…then get faster ‘n faster…until you’re DROOLING and BEGGING for more. Cycle through 12 speed ‘n intensity settings. The remote lets you control the vibe action and rotation speed separately or in tandem with the click of a button. Best part…the controller is totally wireless. Get your hole worked over HARD from 30 FT away!

My Christmas list: http://a.co/19DBnp0

~ by rxadmin on December 9, 2017.


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