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25 Days of Christmas – Day 8

Continuing 25 days of interesting gifts…

I’m loving the 4 Hunks Catcher Lad Mesh Wrestling Singlet with Open Back in black and red from JockstrapCentral.

The Catcher Lad Wrestling Singlet is the epitome of what sports fetish is all about: reinventing and elevating what is already by nature, totally hot. While traditional singlets are tight and subtly revealing, there’s nothing subtle about this one. With it’s exposed chest, dangerously low waistline, see through formed pouch, super stretch mesh fabric and a completely exposed rear, they’ll be lining up to wrestle you and pin you to the ground, just to cop a feel.

My Christmas list: http://a.co/19DBnp0

~ by rxadmin on December 8, 2017.


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