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TMI Tuesday Recap

In my last TMI Tuesday post, I asked if you have ever been tied up for sexual play or would you like to be.

36% of you have been tied up, while 39% of you have never been tied up and wouldn’t do it. The remaining 25% of you haven’t been tied up but want to be, and you’re invited to a special party in my playroom!

As usual, your hot comments didn’t disappoint:

  • First time I ever got tied up I was around 20 and the guy I was seeing was a little older and fairly aggressive. One afternoon at his house as we were undressing he slipped his tie around my wrist and tied my arm to his bed frame. He grabbed a couple more ties and soon had me tied spread eagle. He used the hell out of me for the rest of the afternoon. After that he bought handcuffs and used them on me. I have been with several guys since then that get off on bondage and some I have tied up. It can be fun.

  • I was put into my hockey goalie gear and then tied spread eagle to my bed with my friends stinky sweaty sock over my face (mouth muzzled shut first of course 😛 ) and then teased for over an hour until I exploded *blushes*

  • I’m not against someone else having fun but it’s not my scene.

~ by on November 26, 2013.

TMI Tuesday

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