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Take It Off Tuesday

Tuesday Tats

Mickey Taylor is a sexy young man with a very alternative look. There’s a lot of ink covering his slightly defined body, and it makes him a very interesting young man. He’s a male model, but the move to gay porn interests him and Blake Mason is absolutely willing to help him with that. His nervousness is clear, but that soon passes when he strips and shows off his gorgeous uncut cock and gets stroking on it. He has an underwear fetish too.

Undie Monday

The hot men of Chaos Men blindfolded and tied up in their undies waiting to be used.

Manhole Monday

Socked holes

Random Jacker

Power shot

Manly Monday: Man Vote

It’s time once again for the Manly Monday MAN VOTE. Vote for your favorite burly, hunky stud and check back in next Monday to see if your choice wins.






Manly Monday: Winner

The winner of last week’s Man Vote is . . . DARIO BECK.

Manly Monday: Man Up

The man you voted for didn’t win, but you still want to see him naked. Here are the runners-up from last week’s Man Vote.

Scott Lapoints




Sticky Beards

Random Jacker

Office hour jackoff