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How To Stuff A Turkey: 2017 Edition

Tips for how to stuff the perfect Thanksgiving turkey

Let’s get started

First, pick a nice big butterball

Prepare the hole for stuffing

Get it nice and moist

Then stuff the hole

Stuff it good

Remember to baste

Insert the timer

While it’s cooking, prepare your other dishes

Don’t forget to keep basting!

When it’s ready the timer will pop out

Then serve

…and dig in

Take It Off Tuesday

Diego Reyes takes it off

Beach Blond

Strawberry blond surfer Nyles’ hairy butthole


Island stud Maka

Work Break

Why is no one here to suck this for me?

They Call Him The Streak

Buffalo Bills streaker Tristan Lambright

Show Off

I want to suck the cum right out of him

Speedo Stretches

Snack Time

Having a pre-party snack #HusbandAss

Moonlight Madness

My husband looks like he’s ready for the Moonlight Madness Party #HusbandAss