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Cock Vote

It’s time to rock out with your cock out. If all you saw was the guy’s cock, who would you choose? Vote for your favorite cock below.






Cock Vote: Winner

The winner of the last cock vote is Cock #5.

This cock belongs to Todd.

Random Jacker

Beefy stud shoots his load

Fetish Friday

The frat decided to put their pledges through a dog show routine. They were stripped down and made to wear a leash and collar. They had to do tricks and prance around wiggling their asses and cocks. After some dildo fetch, the boys had to show how far they were willing to go to get in.

I especially love when the one pledge is forced to take a huge dildo as his doggy tail. Woof!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Furry Friday

It’s a mega-movie Furry Friday. This full-length film features hot and hairy bears on a weekend retreat in the mountains. Every scene and every bear is hotter than the one before!

Fine Art

Mann Art NUDE MALE CHRISTOPHER MELONI Original Canvas Painting available on ebay.


Lick that ass!

Random Jacker

Ginger twink works one out

Twink Thursday: Twink Vote

Help select next week’s twink for Twink Thursday. Vote to see one of these cutie twinks’ goodies.






Twink Thursday: Twink Winner

The winner of last week’s Twink Vote is . . . ELLIOTT.