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Bonus Selfpic Saturday: Incognito

Selfpic Saturday

Cock Vote

It’s time to rock out with your cock out. If all you saw was the guy’s cock, who would you choose? Vote for your favorite cock below.






Cock Vote: Winner

The winner of the last cock vote is Cock #4.

This cock belongs to Brad Star.

Happy Halloween!



Nah-nah nah-nah nah-nah nah-nah… BATMAN!

Pumpkin fucking party

Scary Gay Porn for Halloween

#1 – Cockyboys presents The Haunting

#2 - Twinklight

#3 - Randy Blue's Boys Night Out

#4 - The Hole

#5 - L.A. Zombie

#5 - Bonesaw

Trick or Treat

Halloween blowjob

Vintage Halloween Party Fun

Here’s some classic Halloween-themed gay porn.

Halloween dick or treat

Furry Friday

Zombie Meat – A hairy bear trick or treating meets a hot Zombie who barebacks his hot hairy chubby bear ass! A ChubVideos.com Halloween video.

Fetish Friday

Master Avery’s favorite day of the year is Halloween. The day he performs a ritual in which he ties up his victim on the satanic pentagram. Hoping to wake up his master, the infamous Baphomet, Master Avery sacrifices Alessio Romero’s body with hot wax, a double flogging, and the single tail. As the final offering to the master’s master, Alessio is fucked hard in tight bondage and made to cum on the satanic symbol.